My goal is to inspire healthy living one simple change at a time.  I like to focus on 4 core areas of simple changes: 

  1. Becoming more active
  2. Eating better
  3. Getting more sleep/rest
  4. Drinking more water

Any singular simple change leads to many simple changes over time.  And that equals success!


I am a NASM certified personal trainer, Boot Camp instructor, and Les Mills group fitness instructor (GRIT & CXWorx)

What I've FOUND through healthy living

  • Improved physical health for my entire family.
  • Improved energy, sleep, allergies, and fitness for Tom.
  • Oldest son improved respiratory health and gets sick less often.
  • Children have grown in their taste for fruits and vegetables.
  • Wife's overall health has improved, including symptoms of post-partum depression. 
  • Partnered with friends who are like minded and encouraging.

family Dreams & future

  • Go wherever the Lord leads us
  • Provide for our family, & be able to help others
  • Work with like-minded people in a positive & encouraging environment
  • Help others achieve their health goals
  • Inspire friends to fulfill their dreams & aspirations

If you're looking for a way to improve your own health, and even inspire others to become healthy, click the button below!