The best way to invite people to your event

Always be in a hurry

This helps take the pressure off of you and your invitee.  You let them know up front that you can't stick around so they won't feel like you're dragging them into an awkward conversation.

  • "Hey Bill!  I can't talk right now, but...


Transition into a reason why you want them to come to the event:

  • Invite student to event: "...I know you love Adoration so...."
  • Invite student to event: "...I know you love to play games..."
  • Invite adult to volunteer: "...I've noticed how friendly you are with other people..."

Make the invitation

  • Invite student to event: "...we have an event coming up next weekend that I thought you'd be interested in.  Are you free on Saturday?"
  • Invite student to event: "...we're having a game night at yg next weekend..."
  • Invite adult to volunteer: "...would you be open to learning more about becoming a volunteer?"

"If I...would you?"

The reciprocal language of this question shows people that you want to give them something, and not just "take" from them.

  • Invite student to event: "If I save you a spot, would you come?"
  • Invite student to event: "If I sent you a video about the event, would you watch it?"
  • Invite adult to volunteer: "If I set up a time where we could talk in more detail, would you be open to learning more?

Get the time commitment

If they respond positively, it's important to lock in a time where you can follow up with them.

  • Invite student to event: "Great!  Can I call/e-mail you later with more details?"
  • Invite student to event: Invite student to event: "Awesome, when's a good time to send you the video so you can watch it?"
  • Invite adult to volunteer: "Great, when's a good date for you?"


Verbally confirm your proposed time to send info/reconnect.  This is important because by now your invitee has set the appointment his/herself and is now confirming whatever the next action step is for you to take so you can follow up with out guilt:

  • Invite student to event: "Sounds good, I'll send you some info tonight and connect with you tomorrow."
  • Invite student to event: "Great, I'll send the video tonight and connect with you Sunday."
  • Invite adult to volunteer: "Ok, let's get together next Sunday."

Get a time and number

Make sure you send the information however is most convenient:

  • What's a good number to text you?
  • Should I send it via text, e-mail, or facebook?

Get off the phone!

Remember you were in a hurry.  This helps put the other person at ease and let's them know you intentionally made time to connect with him or her.

Bonus Tip: Use a script & practice your invitation

Now that you're all excited to use these tips, don't just pick up the phone.  Make a list of the people you want to call and batch them according to the event you want to invite them to.  Then, write out exactly how you want to invite them to the event. This helps you in a variety of ways:

  1. You can personalize the script to each person
  2. You know exactly what to say so you are respectful of your time
  3. Your follow ups can be batched as well

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