How to beat "I'm too busy"

Tip #1 - Find your "WHY"

Why did you decide to make a specific goal?  Get in touch with the emotion behind achieving your goal.  Want to be healthier for your family?  

  • What does it feel like now, to not be able to run and play with your children?  
  • How would it feel to train and run for a casual fun run with your kids?  
  • How would it feel for your children to be proud of you, and inspired by your healthy example?  

Tap into that WHY and you'll find more fuel to hit your goal.

Tip #2 - Make time

All of us have the same 24 hours in a day, and yet it seems like some people are able to do more with that time than others.  Their secret?  They are intentional about their time, and they protect it!  Show my your calendar, and I'll show you what's most important in your life!  Don't have a calendar?  That means that whatever "pops up" in a given moment will take priority.  Don't feel like working out?  Oh, Netflix has a new season of Gilmore Girls?!  You gotta make time for your goals in order to spend time ACHIEVING your goals.

Tip #3 - Get a buddy

Find a friend or a group with similar goals.  Share your goals and your struggles with them.  Community is a great way to find accountability and it's even harder to say you won't make it to your workout class when you know someone else is waiting for you.

Bonus Tip: Find someone who inspires you

SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.  Find someone who has achieved what you hope to achieve and learn from them.  If you can, form a relationship with them where they can encourage you, and you can freely ask them how they overcame similar obstacles to what you're facing.