OSC Podcast Episode 002 - It's all about CONSISTENCY!


When it comes to our One Simple Change, it's all about consistency. And consistency affects each of us - we are either consistently working towards our OSC goal or consistently letting it slip off our minds and moving farther away from it.

Our journey isn’t like climbing straight up a mountain. It’s more like a journey through mountains and valleys and side roads - but if we remain consistent we WILL reach our destination.

This process, TAKES TIME. And just because you don’t FEEL something, doesn’t mean something isn’t happening to you on a cellular level. There is tons and tons of data out there that proves how our bodies take in good nutrition and begin to transform from the inside out. CLICK HERE for some gold standard, peer reviewed research on the impact of nutrition on our bodies.

My Story

In college, I was healthy. I played Div III soccer for a year, ran 2 half marathons and a sprint triathlon. I felt on top of my game. After college, I got married, had kids, started working full time as a youth minister, and fast forward 5 years, I was a fatty magoo! I call it, the Daddy YM Diet: pizza, soda, and chips at work & mac and cheese and chicken fingers at home.

I felt crappy so I ate crappy.

Then a friend of mind challenged me to start taking my nutrition more seriously. I started eating better which helped me start feeling better. And because I felt better, I started getting into better shape.

It was all about consistency. I had tried cleaning out the cupboards and eating better on my own, but until I found something that was simple & easy that enabled me to bridge the gap between what I was eating and what I should have been eating, my results were always temporary. Now I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life because I have a nutritional foundation that I never had before.

Don't take my word for it

I have friends and family who have joined me on this journey: improved health: allergies, blood pressure and cholesterol, athletic performance, quality of life, etc. Visit the testimonials page for some examples.

But beyond that, there's science behind how our bodies need good nutrition. CLICK HERE for a great TED Talk on nutrition.

Consistency Tips:

  • Make it easy for yourself - find healthy food you LIKE to eat and put that in your house instead of junk
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day
  • Community - Surround yourself with driven like-minded people if you want to succeed

OSC Community

Our Facebook community is beginning to grow and in May we are launching our first OSC challenge where as a community we will all strive to make One Simple Change together and support one another. At the end of the month, there will be a random drawing and a prize for those who participate.

If you want to get involved in our secret fb group, connect with me: @tomlelyo on Twitter or Instagram or at tomlelyo@gmail.com

Remember, you can make one simple change to change your life, or you can make excuses - but you can’t do both!

OSC Podcast Episode 001 - What's your WHY?

Know your WHY

BEFORE we start talking about WHAT simple changes we want to make in our lives, we to talk about the WHY behind those changes. If your WHY isn't bigger than your excuses, then you are not going to succeed.

The “why of the why"

For many people, they can easily come up with "why" they are doing something: "Because I want to get healthier," "Becaue I want to feel better," "Because I know I need to change," etc. But the real challenge is to explain the why of the why. - WHY do you want to get healthier? - WHY do you want to feel better? - WHY do you need to change?

The more we can tap into the why of the why, the less likely excuses and disappointments along the way will distract us.


For me, I want to make One Simple Change to get healthier. I want to get healthier for my family. I believe I have a responsibility to take care of myself for them. I also believe my body is a gift that was given to me, and I want to take care of that gift. Lastly, I know that when I take care of my body, I just feel better. I'm happier. And so, for all those reasons, I'm making One Simple Change

Share your WHY

When making a resolution, one of the most important things to do is to share it with others. This gives you accountability, but it also helps encourage others to join you! If you'd like to be a part of our secret FB OSC community connect with me on Twitter on Instagram @tomlelyo

Remember, you can make one simple change to change your life, or you can make excuses - but you can’t do both!